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Owning a med spa is one of the most fun and fulfilling businesses. It’s incredibly rewarding, too, so you want to ensure that you have consistent clientele going through your door. With so much competition, however, booking clients can be a problem.

According to Harvard, acquiring a customer is five to twenty-five times more expensive than retaining one. Ensuring lead generation strategies result in new clientele means maximizing every acquisition campaign. Here are three tips to help you generate new patients for your medical spa.

#1 Find Your Most Popular Treatment And Run Ads For It

There are a variety of treatments you can offer at your clinic. Some treatments are more popular than others, so you’ll want to focus on those. Determine the most popular treatment or services, and highlight them in your advertising

Maximizing your ad campaign means using your customer data to find other similar clientele. Depending on your services, you’ll likely find one or two treatments that move more than the others. These highly desirable treatments should be easier to market to more people.

Compile the sales data for your treatment, take that data and advertise those services to potential new clients. Again, you will want to ensure that you’re targeting the right demographics. 

Even if it’s only your #1 or #2, running ads that directly reference this treatment can attract potential new clients. Including testimonials from past patients, before and after photos, and information about how the treatment works can all help increase conversions.

You would also want to utilize remarketing for customers who look at specific treatments and remarket them. Remarketing can be a great way to reach customers that have already visited your website but may not have booked an appointment. 

When a customer visits your site but doesn’t book, it’s a missed opportunity for you. So instead, retain and grow your customer base with retargeting.

Retargeted advertisements will advertise your business to potential patients who have already shown an interest in your services. Repurposing these interests will be a great way of targeting likely new patients. 

#2 Invest In SEO Via Content Marketing Strategy

A content strategy is a great way to improve SEO for your practice. The purpose of content marketing is to provide value to customers. Most medical practices are already creating content, but it must be attractive to potential clientele who may show interest in the treatment.  

FAQ Schema Google Search Results Graphic - Medical Spa Marketing FAQ Schema Organic Search OptimizationContent marketing should include blogs, web pages, case studies, newsletters, and other forms of e-blasts. This content should be informative but also entertaining. 

While you want to provide information that educates and entertains, you should also be adding value in other ways. Providing value to your readers is the best way to build brand recognition and trust. Investing in evergreen content also allows you to remain relevant for a long time.

If you can provide valuable information that readers want or need, they’ll be more likely to visit your website for more details. To maximize your content marketing, you want to use SEO to make your content desirable for search engines.

How do you invest in SEO? Unfortunately, not every business can afford to hire a search engine optimization specialist, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t actively try to rank better on Google. 

Craft engaging content. Without quality content that answers questions and is relevant to search queries, it will be challenging to compete for top rankings. 

Optimizing your content for keywords related to your treatments and location will help increase your ranking in the search engine results. Build backlinks across several websites to help you rank. Invest in guest posting with other relevant websites to your business, linking back to your content or landing pages.

#3 Create eBooks for Your Best Treatments

Finally, one of the best ways to generate leads for your practice is to create ebooks. They can be read online, downloaded, and printed. Everything from before and after pictures to practical information can be included. 

When your content is compelling and easy to read, it increases the likelihood that people will visit your webpage. Ebooks are a great way to familiarize someone with your offerings and provide them with the information they need to decide. 

Because you have control over the message, you can really connect with potential clients. This also allows for future sales opportunities. 

When you’ve established credibility, you can invite people to opt into your email list. This will allow you to reach them in the future, promoting your offers.  

Creating a resource like this can be a great way to convert leads into paying patients. In addition, ebooks can be repurposed and used for other campaigns while giving you a chance to build different opt-in forms for various audiences. 

Generate More Leads With Plastix Marketing Now

These simple tips for generating leads for your medical spa can help you make the most of your marketing efforts. Use them to improve your current lead generation efforts or as the foundation for new campaigns.  

Remember, if you want to improve, you must measure your results. Track your ROI and continually analyze your marketing campaigns. If you don’t want to do this yourself, find a digital marketing team specializing in helping med spas thrive. Schedule a consultation with Plastix Marketing to learn how we can generate more leads for your medical spa practice today.

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