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Thanks to social media, we have seen an increased demand for plastic surgeries. It is the perfect time for plastic surgeons to build workflows and up their marketing game to attract new customers and retain old ones. However, with the increasing demand comes tighter competition. And customers are more discerning now, not to mention having more access to information online regarding prices, testimonials, and advertisements. 

Even the most affluent customers consider many factors in choosing the best plastic surgery practice. These factors include credibility, affordability, convenience, and benefits. So, if you want to get ahead of the competition, you better amp up your plastic surgery marketing efforts. Here are a few tips:

Highlight Reviews, Testimonials, and Before-and-After Photos

You must constantly put good reviews, testimonials, and before-and-after photos front and center on your website and social media. Nine out of 10 millennials rely on product and service reviews as much as they value their friend’s and family’s feedback. If you are short on good testimonials and reviews, go ahead and ask your previous customers for them. If you get negative reviews, do not delete or ignore them, as that can backfire. Take these comments as an avenue to show your company’s integrity and willingness to improve. Respond with a well-crafted, HIPAA compliant reply showing that you are committed to making the situation right.

Create Quality Content

Content plays a significant role in driving traffic to your website and making your services known to more potential customers. The key is to keep your content educational, engaging, and relevant.

  • Infographics. They’re visual and engaging, and they trick the brain into reading the texts because of the good visuals. People are more likely to share infographics than they would other types of content. 
  • Blog posts. Articles and blogs are a great way to increase your SEO ranking. Use keyword planning tools to ensure that you use relevant keywords in your content. Customers tend to research the procedures before getting them, so make sure that you regularly post blog content on your website covering different topics.
  • Videos. There are now more videos on Youtube and Facebook than ever. Branded videos saw a 99% increase on Youtube and 258% on Facebook. Incorporate videos into your content by showing tutorials, clinic tours, and the like. 
  • Photos. We naturally lean towards visuals, such as photos, so it’s essential always to incorporate pictures in your content. Regularly post before-and-after images and high-quality pictures of your clients and clinic. 

Utilize Influencer Marketing

We see this trend continuing in 2022 and beyond mainly because it comes naturally to look to what other people do when we are uncertain. Unsure and still contemplating, prospective clients look to people they like, trust, or admire, like celebrities, friends, and experts. Clients tend to value celebrities’ recommendations because they want to look like them and experts because they are more knowledgeable. There are influencer marketing platforms that you can use to look for big influencers. But if you want to start small, you or your staff can strike up a conversation with your clients to learn about their social media presence. And then, ask if you could take a video of them talking about their service at your clinic. Questions may include: “what brought you to our clinic?” and “how do you feel about the result?”

Market Yourself

A photo and a write-up about you on your website are great starting points in making yourself known in the community. However, considering the stiff competition, it is best to relate yourself to potential customers by being seen as a human being, a dedicated partner, an excellent boss, or a corporate sustainability advocate — anything about you that can make you seem more relatable. You can start by doing “a day in the life” videos where one of your staff follows you around while you do your day-to-day — doing surgery, having post-op visits, and consulting with new clients. You can also take videos of you welcoming your clients at the door, then having a friendly conversation while walking to your office or clinic. 

Keep Your Customers Close

Retention is key. With the intense competition, it’s easy for your patients to get lured away by other clinics with their big promotions and offerings. So, keep your connection with your previous clients by consistently updating them on offers and new products and procedures. Throw in the seasonal greetings and birthday well wishes via email and text to make them feel appreciated. Offer referral bonuses and VIP perks to high-value patients. Retaining your existing clients is also cost-effective plastic surgery marketing, as it is more expensive to acquire new cosmetic patients.

Final Thoughts on Plastic Surgery Marketing

The plastic surgery practice and business have become more competitive in recent years, and it’s not enough that you are a good surgeon. You have to be able to reach more potential patients and meet their expectations to ensure that you remain reputable and credible. The five tips above are some of the most important things to consider when crafting your plastic surgery marketing strategy.

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